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Cozy Herringbone Pattern

Herringbone, Turkish Towel, Brown - Beige

$40.00 CAD

Towel, Wrap, Shawl, Throw, Blanket

  • 100% Cotton
  • 575 g 
  • 100 x 186cm, 39 x 73 in, unwashed, may shrink up to 10% after first wash

We love Herringbone for it can be used as a blanket, throw and a towel. It is heavier than a light Turkish towel and softer. It is 100% Cotton and great as a blanket; not too warm, not too light, just perfect. For all the herringbone pattern lovers...

Use it : On your couch as a blanket; as a wrap or shawl around your shoulders; or for decorating your bathroom, bedroom or living room. Use it as a towel at the beach; in the spa, the gym, the pool or your bath; easy to carry in your backpack, on your boat, in your golf bag. ENJOY!

Care : Machine wash in cold water, Tumble dry low or better hang dry for the form of fringes; Do not bleach; Wash colours separately. This piece is made with unwashed cotton; it may shrink up to 10% after first wash. ENJOY!