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Rio Bag, Handmade Wayuu Bag

$175.00 CAD
  • Handcrafted Wayuu Bag - "Mochila" from Colombia, Supplier Chila Bags 
  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • H: 23-24 cm, 9.5 in; W: 27 cm, 11 in; Shoulder drop app 46 cm, 18 in; Strap may stretch up to 5 cm, 2 in.

Handcrafted by Wayuu women in Colombia, where La Guajira Desert meets the Caribbean Sea, this bag – “mochila” - takes 15 days to finalize and reflects the culture and strong weaving traditions of the Wayuu indigenous group.

The Wayuu inhabit the arid Guajira Peninsula straddling the Venezuela-Colombia border, on the Caribbean Sea coast. They are currently the largest indigenous group of these two countries, and one of which preserves and protects its culture the most.

The Wayuu culture is well known for crafts.

Wayuu women have a strong tradition of making beautiful, brightly colored handicrafts such as hammocks, blankets and bags – mochilas.

By purchasing one of these bags you are helping sustain the economic growth of these people.

Care : Machine wash gentle/delicate, Do not Bleach, Do not Iron, Do not Wring, Line Dry. ENJOY!