What is so special about Turkish Towels? 

Flat woven Turkish Towels, namely Pestemals (read as peshtemals) are the original towels used in Turkish Baths, Hammams.  They absorb well and dry fast; they are light even when they are wet, and they can be wrapped around as a dress, sarong, skirt or sun cover.  They are perfect for the Baths, Spas and Hammams and also for the Beach!  Regular Terry Towels are too heavy to carry to the beach and back, too bulky for the limited spaces on the boats and in the backpacks. 

More and more designers work to bring a more contemporary look to this centuries' old staple.  Flat woven towels are the original towels.  The fluffy towels we use today started as Pestemals; then an extra loop was added to make the flat weave softer and cosier.   

Are Turkish Towels really worth it?

Today Turkish towels are preferred because :

  • They are lighter and they don't take up space when storing, travelling,
  • Easier to care for,
  • Good for the environment; they dry faster, you don't need to dry them in the dryer, they air dry very quickly,
  • Because they dry fast, they leave little time for bacteria/smell to grow, 
  • They don't need to be washed separately like regular towels,
  • They can be used as a shawl, scarf, tablecloth, throw, blanket,
  • They shake off sand easily

...and also they are very trendy.

Are Turkish Towels better for the Beach? 

Turkish Towels shake of sand easily as they are flat woven and don't have the terry loops that sand can attach to.  They are lighter and easier to carry even when they are used and wet.  

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Do They Absorb?  Yes, Turkish Towels are very absorbent.  They are absorbent enough to use after Bath. 

How Fast Do They Dry Compared to Terry Towels?  Depends on the thickness of the towels but on the average Light Weight Turkish Towels take 1/3 of the time to dry, compared with Terry Towels.

How to Care - Can I put them in the Dryer?  Loose end Fringes are good to go in the Dryer.  Hand Knotted Fringes may lose form after a few drying in the Dryer, so it is generally advised to hang dry the Turkish Towels with hand knotted fringes. 

Sizing of Bathrobes?  Unisex Bathrobes come in 2 sizes.  Size 1 is Small/Medium; would fit most woman.  Size 2 is Large, would fit most men.  Please refer to Sizing Chart for Detailed Measurements.

Are Clutches Waterproof?  The Clutches are splash proof; they have waterproof lining but closed with a zipper, which would leak in water when dropped in the lake, pool.  Clutches will keep your wet swimwear in, without dampening other things in your bag.  They are also good for keeping your electronics dry against splash/spills of liquids.