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Classic Exfoliating Mitt with Decorative Print - Medium Coarse

$18.00 CAD

Turkish Bath, Hammam Kessa, Body Scrub for Peeling of Dead Skin 

Tightly Woven on Traditional Looms with High Quality Floss-Viscose (Tree Bark Cellulose) Threads. 

Soak in warm water or take a warm shower without applying soap, shampoo or body wash.  Apply the Mitt, let the dead skin roll away and continue with your bathing routine.   

Mitt will slightly shrink with initial wash.  It will stiffen when wet to assure exfoliation and deep cleaning. Turn inside out to use. 

Rinse Mitt with warm water after use, refrain from using soap or detergent.     

Do not use on sensitive, damaged skin.  Avoid the Face or apply very gently.